Social Media Tools

Since it’s well into the 21st century, your probably aware of the immense impact that social media has on your business. However, deciding which tools to use can be a bit challenging. What are some of the best types, and how can they specifically address the needs of your business?

Facebook Pages
Utilizing this form of social media is practically a must in 2013. So many companies and individuals have Facebook pages. In fact, when potential customers are looking for information about your business, they might search for your Facebook page before they even try to view your website. They know that Facebook pages are hubs of information. Not only will they be able to find out what you have to say about your own company, but they will also see comments from others about the products and/or services you provide.

Twitter Account
Twitter is an excellent tool for posting short and quick messages to your customers. You can let them know about promotions that you are having during the day or events that are coming up in the store. This tool is a great one for quick snippets because that is what your customers will be looking for when they visit your page. You can also post some pictures of the new products to entice them into the store.

At the current time, Pinterest is really all the craze. People love to post pictures to their boards and create plans for events they are going to have or new ways in which they wish to decorate their houses. This form of social media is a very powerful one because it is so popular and because it supplies an excellent visual form for the masses. Get as many pictures as you can on there to really make a statement.

Google Plus
Networking with other businesses and professionals is important, and you might even find some new employees when you sign up for a Google Plus account. With this account, you can mingle with other professionals and see if your services could be of use to one another. Furthermore, checking out profiles will lead you to new project managers, graphic design teams and other individuals who can positively impact your company.

Depending upon the nature of your business, some of these tools might be better than others. For example, a self-starter baking company could do really well with Pinterest while a restaurant will likely have a great deal of success with a Facebook page. In any case, you want to use these forms of media in conjunction with other tools such as blogs and websites. Providing a comprehensive experience to your customers will give you lots of extra points.