Social media provides unlimited marketing opportunities for all types of businesses including legal, real estate and retail. It allows companies to keep in touch with millions of potential customers all over the world. The best thing about social media marketing is that it is free. In addition, it keeps you and your business in the public eye. By using these social network marketing tips effectively, you can build a loyal customer base for your business in 2016.

Laying the Groundwork
Like any other type of marketing campaign, your company should decide what it is marketing and who the potential customers are. This is a very important factor in online marketing. Focusing on your customers allows you to reach a network of customers and potential clients who will ultimately become your friends and followers.
Set up accounts in different social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Instagram. This simply involves creating usernames and passwords for the accounts and supplying a legitimate email address. Once you create the accounts, you will be able to start developing them to market your business.

Create a short description of your business on the user pages of the social networking accounts. Give short descriptions of the products and services offered by your business and include your business’ contact details including email address, phone number and physical address to make it easier for customers to contact you.

Attracting followers
Your business’ social networking pages should not focus strictly on business. Post regularly about your products and services but aim to offer real information rather than information that is strictly meant to sell. If you bombard your customers with sales pitch, you are likely to turn them away from your social networking pages. In addition, your posts should be conversational so that your clients know they are dealing with a real human being and not just a company.
Give your customers reasons to visit your business pages on social networking sites by posting regularly. Offer holiday wishes to everyone if it is the holiday season. It is easy to lose customers if you do not provide regular updates about your products and services on social networking sites.
Add games related to your products and services on your social networking pages. Games provide your clients something fun to do while helping promote your business in a soft-sell fashion. Offer promotional items to your customers such as coupon codes and discounted products.
Building Recognition
Link your social networking accounts. Tie your social networking profiles together by supplying links to each other on all social networking accounts. This helps to link your customers on all social networking sites and helps maximize your potential customer base. Once you make an announcement about your business on a particular social networking account, link that post to your other social networking accounts.
In all your social networking accounts, do not post strictly to sell. Take the time to appreciate and acknowledge your followers in your social networking posts. Introduce yourself on your business’s social networking accounts to attract the confidence of potential customers. Having the management or leadership of your business involved in the social networking pages lets customers know that your company is accessible to its customers.