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Initially, despite entering the CSS Reboot with promising intentions I’m yet to complete the content implementation for the new website, even though I’ve had the the design finished for months now.

Lately things have been fairly chaotic on the work front. Aside from full time work. I’ve been getting caught up in various projects such as:

  • a new CMS Design / Web Page Layout for an upcoming Sydney based Software Developer,
  • Graphic / Logo / Branding / Web work for Brisbane’s No Culture Festival
  • Assistance in the New Full xhtml/css web front for NAF.
  • a couple of other revamps, upgrades and general web fixes.

All this happening and trying to write music and manage my band – whilst keeping things flowing at home occasionally can become difficult. The hours in the day sometimes aren’t enough.

Life’s difficulties aside – I do have plans to get the new business site on the road and start progressing forward.

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