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The more blogs I read, the more I feel like the newcomers to web design are left behind not knowing where to begin, getting lost in jargin and lines of code which mean very little.

templaticaFor the inexperienced web designer who’s looking at getting into Standards Compliant Web Design it can’t hurt to begin with a clean and logically set-up template to get you moving. Many good Designers wouldn’t deny going down this path until they fluently grasp code in detail, and I’m sure many on occasions still may use these template structures just to save initial coding time.

We’ve all seen Template Monster, and who could deny at the time, what a handy resource this site become for quick turnaround sites and for clean placement design ideas. However, in todays day and age, a lot of the code and layout of these templates are becoming redundant and more and more site’s will pop up that offer standards compliant alternatives, good idea? I think so.

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